Subject RE: [Firebird-general] Novell acquires SUSE Linux
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> The only thing I know for sure is that SuSE are a privately held company, so
> it will be hard to discover whether and how much stock is held by the
> various investors. Presumably Seibt had their backing for the deal. And USD
> 210m probably represents a good return on whatever the stockholders have
> invested.
> Overall reaction to the deal on the suse-linux-english list is split between
> those who are saying wait and see and those who see this deal as a disaster
> in the making. SuSE employees have been noticeably quite so far. Anyone got
> any reports of the reaction on the suse-linux german list?

I don't follow the german suse-linux list, but perhaps Frank
can jump in here?