Subject Re: More Mozilla issues
Author Bernard Devlin
Hi Artur
> Can you please post here the email you've got from Mandrake people?

Here is the text I received from Mandrake Club:

Dear MandrakeClub member,

on 02/08/03, you have shown your interest for an application called
"FireBird 1.02"on MandrakeClub's RPM votings.
This application has been merged with "Mozilla Browser (Firebird". As a
consequence, "FireBird 1.02" is no longer part of the RPM Voting system.
If you have voted for "FireBird 1.02", your votes have been moved to
"Mozilla Browser (Firebird" during the merging procedure.

I'm not sure where the "1.02" came from - could have been a type of
mine, or maybe I was merely expressing an interest in a pre-existing
package nomination (if I remember rightly, it was the latter - as I
recall thinking that firebird did not have enough votes, and I wanted
to help boost it up the list of RPMs.)

I didn't pay much attention to this earlier, and I was hoping that
Mozilla would sort out the branding issue, but I do not think they are
doing this, so I wanted to bring this to the group's attention.