Subject Interbase Replication Setup
Author korovakharne
I am having trouble setting up the configuration dB for
IBReplicator. Specifically what I should be putting in the "server"
setting. I have tried specifying the path to; a blank dB, existing
dB, a non existing dB, etc., etc. Nothing seems to work. I always
get an error (I can supply a list of what I have tried and the
corresponding error).

It would be greatly appreaciated if anyone with IB Replicator
experience could tell me what should be set for the "server" on the
configuration dB.

FYI: I have (3) IB6.5 database machines each running on a Win2000 OS.

And please do not point me to the IBReplicator Newsgroup or any of
the tutorials that are online. I have not receive much of a responce
to my posts on the newsgroup and the totorials are about as helpful
as the help files provided by Borland.


B. Carmon Colvin
TvScan, Inc.