Subject Re: [IBDI] Musicbrainz & Postgresql Vs. FireBird
Author Ralf Grenzing
> Another contender in the field is InterBase, a mature relational database
> that started out as a closed-source application. In a bid for skilled
> development talent and a broader user base, Inprise Corporation released the
> InterBase 6.0 database program under a variation of the open-source Mozilla
> Public License for Linux, Solaris, and Windows versions. The new release
> added more advanced ANSI SQL compliance and improved administration and
> customization tools. With few concurrent users, InterBase is fast on simple
> reads and complex joins, but its performance drops sharply under the stress
> of multiple queries and numerous concurrent users. Because InterBase uses a
> nonshared architecture, as user numbers increase, it must parcel data into
> ever-smaller partitions, diminishing its performance levels. This major flaw
> will likely be addressed if InterBase attracts skilled open-source
> developers. However, the program is new to the open-source world and still
> lacks the support of a strong developer community.
> Is this true about perfomance not being good with lots of users, or is this
> fixed with the super-server architecture?

Yes this is a very important information if it is correct. As far as I know the
multi generation architecture of InterBase / Firebird is especially fast for
many readers. There is still this sentence in my mind: "reader never blocks
writer". So what is the truth out there?

And again: Could anybody give us a hint where to find a better comparison
Firebird and PostGres?

Ralf Grenzing