Subject Re: Native encryption
Author Aage Johansen
Rob Schuff wrote:
> are there any plans for encryption of communications between the client and
> server? I know that in the past certain folks have believed that encryption
> should not be part of the product and should be left to the transport layer,
> but I am **really** hoping that this attitude has changed.

if an 'outboard' solution is acceptable in your situation. I've no
connection with them, and I haven't used the product. If your requirement
is a built-in solution, you can safely ignore this post.

This is what they say:
If you want a secure connection between offices or branches of your
company, or between you and your agents or clients, you may have thought of
using the Internet, but been put off by the lack of security over the Internet.

Interbase Encryption Proxy provides a method of connecting to your
Interbase Server over the Internet in a secure manner. It achieves this by
encrypting data before it is transmitted over the Internet. The form of
encryption is strong public key encryption, which provides the higest
possible form of protection. This software enables the use of cheap data
transmission of the Internet, while still remaining secure.

The Interbase Encryption Proxy is free on the client side, and you can
distribute it free with your application. Only Servers require
registration. An average PC running as a server can handle up to fifty
concurrent connections.

Aage J.