Subject Re: [IBDI] New to Firebird
Author R. Tulloch

Thanks for response.

> But anyway, there is at least one OS ODBC driver in active
> development that should work with CR in future, and everyone
> would get it for nothing. If anyone would like more, for example get
> it faster or get sponsition that it would be developed, then why they
> do not gather from all interested about $5000-$10000 (it's enough
> to pay two good developers full-time for few months here in Czech)
> and offer that to XTG developers to make it done this summer ?

I agree completely and see nothing wrong with folks contributing
to bring something like this to fruition. It is certainly desirable
to effectively share the burden in this manner.

Previous experience was not so good.

When calls were put out for contributions to support the Starkey
(FB) driver
development, I asked a few simple questions regarding a projected
completion date, what would be the "end result" and what kind of
would there be. The questions went unanswered so my contribution