Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: New to Firebird
Author Pavel Cisar

On 19 Apr 2002, at 8:29, paultugwell wrote:

> I seem to have stirred up a can of worms! This was NOT my intention,
> I merely wanted advice on the best ODBC drive to use with FB, given
> that all of them seem to have problems of some sort (i.e.
> compatibility with CR or cost). I have used IB for 5 years and my
> reason for moving to FB is cost and the fact that I have more faith
> in its long term future that that of IB.
> I still need an answer to my original question!

You always have a footing in EasySoft driver, but if you'd like have
one without deployment cost, try the last XTG driver (it may work
for you). If XTG doesn't work for you as is, try to contact his
developer about current situation and how it could be solved to your
satisfaction (maybe he is very close to final solution). If you're
willing to invest something to have a driver without licence fee, then
better. Maybe we would be able to arrange a public bidding to
disperse the cost. Let me know, if you're interested to try this
solution and I'll mediate it with XTG (we're both in same city).

Best regards

Pavel Cisar
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