Subject RE: [IBDI] Re: (and a Jason rant on "free beer" again)
Author Darryl VanDorp
Dear list,

Can we please keep discussions to

a) their technical merit
b) something related to IBDI

Posting that politics are off-topic then continuing with
lines and lines of political commentary, IMHO is
not productive and spurs it further.

Speaches/Commentary regarding GPL vs. Trustware vs.
Closed source IS relevant to IBDI so far as it
relates to developement of Interbase/Firebird.

-List lurker

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Subject: RE: [IBDI] Re: (and a Jason rant on "free beer" again)


List founder or not, politics are off topic and this still is not
an USA-only list. Being a founder you (should) be an example.

When you mean GPL, please say GPL, don't say Open Source.

About national attitudes, just some perspective:


Have fun,