Subject Re: [IBDI] New to Firebird
Author R. Tulloch

Don't agree with you comments and can't let them go.

> > I just will not work. The developer does not seem interested in CR
> > support for IB.
> Hell, NO! He is very committed to make it work with CR (8.0
> AFAIK). I had a chat with him recently, and he told me that he is
> close to make it work (probably in next release). Mostly thanks to
> a CR user who feeds him with good, comprehensive tests and bug
> reports. And it's possible that current version would work with CR
> 5.0 (there ARE problems with CR 8.x).

Doesn't work with CR7

I have fed him back info on problems and rarely got a response. Of
that was much better that the response when I sent in test
on the Firebird driver.

The last time I checked it, it had gotten worse with respect to CR.

> > The only one that seems to work really well is the EasySoft.
> >
> > Problem is the cost and that adder to the cost of an app.
> >
> > The alternative is to forget IB/FB and use something like Advantage
> > which you pay for but comes with CR connectivity. Plus, it is really
> > a cool database, easy to use and conversions to it's native format are
> > simple or you can continue to use dbf for instance.

My point was if you have to spend money, Advantage w/CR support is
an alternative.

> ??? Do you have any real interest in making InterBase / Firebird
> better ? It seems not. It's very likely that with EasySoft driver (or
> some other paid one) the CR will work. So there is no need to
> switch to _other paid product_ if IB/FB otherwise fulfil his needs
> (and with his 5 years track of success with it).
> Of course, IB/FB has it's share of problems as anything, but this
> list is intended to help find a solution that would improve the
> product, not to discourage others and drive them to other products
> that would finally undermine all others goal to make it better.

I am not trying to discourage him. I am merely stating what I
to be facts.

> And
> because your last message is only a tip of the iceberg that shows
> your attitude toward Firebird (and sometimes InterBase), can I ask
> why you are still in this list ?

This is an outrageous statement and without basis. Please provide
reference/documentation as to the rest of the "iceberg" or apologize.

I have absolutely nothing against Firebird and laud the effort that
has gone into it. I happen to use IB 6 OS because that was available
at the time I started what I consider for me a "large" app. I used
IBX because it was available, free from Borland and seems to work
exceedingly well for me. Right now, I have no reason to expend the
effort to switch to either FB or IBO.

If that is the "iceberg' a double apology is in order.