Subject Re: [IBDI] commercial tools recommendation?
Author Paul Schmidt
On 17 Apr 2002 at 13:56, Ralf Grenzing wrote:

> Hi all
> In the release notes for FB they mentioned some recommended free
> tools. But what about commercial tools? I only know IBExpert and
> QuickDesk. Could anyone give me a comparison or recommendation of a
> commercial tool for Firebird? Until now I have been using the
> IBConsole.
> Regarding the latest discussion in this newsgroup about the
> (dangerous) direct manipulation of the system tables versus the use of
> standard DDL commands, this seems to be one possible decisive factor.

I tried IBWorkbench, and it seems to work OK, it has a lot of neat features, some of
which I would like, but don't have in the budget for it this year.....

Paul Schmidt, President
Tricat Technologies