Subject Re: [IBDI] commercial tools recommendation?
Author Daniel Rail
At 17/04/2002 08:56 AM, you wrote:
>Hi all
>In the release notes for FB they mentioned some recommended free tools.
>But what about commercial tools? I only know IBExpert and QuickDesk.
>Could anyone give me a comparison or recommendation of a commercial tool
>for Firebird? Until now I have been using the IBConsole.
>Regarding the latest discussion in this newsgroup about the (dangerous)
>direct manipulation of the system tables versus the use of standard DDL
>commands, this seems to be one possible decisive factor.

Look at IB WorkBench( I looked at it
when it was in beta, and apparently it looks good now. I personally use
QuickDesk, but I also look at why manipulation it makes before committing
the changes to the database. I prefer the DDL approach myself, but
QuickDesk was acquired by my company and they don't want to dish more money
for now for a new tool. I never had problems with QuickDesk, until now.

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