Subject Re: [IBDI] A new dawn
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Doug,

Doug Chamberlin wrote:
> At 04/16/2002 02:22 PM (Tuesday), Frank Ingermann wrote:
> >Could we now all cheer up again, please?
> I'll second that!
> We have a lot to celebrate: Firebird 1.0 is out. FB 2.0 is underway. Lots
> of choices for tools and middleware available.

you've missed something :) the 3rd IBPhoenix CD is going to be shipped
by the end of next week (as i just read - btw IBPhoenix is online again!)

It'll contain all the sources and executables of Firebird 1.0 plus...
well, see for yourselves:

(you might say: why so excited about a cd when i can have everything
online?... it may be due to the fact that i'm a dj and a cd collector
and this is one{1.0} cd i absolutlely *must* have - hope it has a
Firebird logo on the disc this time <g> ... ok, it is an invaluable
ressource of information for everyday work, too ;)

> Apache 2.0 is finally
> blessed with release/stable status. Other open source projects are also
> moving along. Meanwhile Java keeps getting better and better and for those
> of you watching the MS world, David I. says "Delphi for .NET" will rock (as
> expected from the Delphi team).
> It is Springtime in the northern hemi an the flowers are blooming!
just took my rain suit and checked it - you're right! (for as far as
i could see through the dark :-)


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