Subject Re: [IBDI] FYI: *free* IBExpert personal edition as an alternative to IBConsole
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi again,

i wrote:
> Hi all,
> after there have been some threads on this list about IBConsole and making
> it FB compatible, just to let you all know: since yesterday there is a *free*
> version of IBExpert ("personal edition") ready for download. It is limited
> to a certain degree (e.g. the StoredProc debugger from the full version is
> missing), but after a first glance it seems it has all the functions one
> needs for administrating both IB *and* FB databases. I talked to Holger Klemt
> today and he is determined to continue supporting both IB and Firebird in his
> tool (including the new free version) in the future. Now is this good news
> or what? :-)
> You can find the download from

maybe it would be helpful to provide the *correct* download url <g>:

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