Subject Re: [IBDI] Food for thought
90% of the time I am trying to work out why Windows is not
doing what I want, and not having access to any sensible
source information is the main problem. In the good old days
I had the Windows 3.1 Device Drive Toolkit, and I could pick
up things from that source that helped understand what was

Where I do have the source, I can fix problems a hell of a
lot quicker. SO perhaps that aspect should be included in
the 'Cost of Ownership' calculations?

Another thought is - what do we do when NT4 and W98SE
licences run out - at least with Linux I can just carry on
adding kit to systems without having to worry, or re-write
all of that code every time Microsoft decide that they are
not getting enough money in <g>.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services