Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: New Name for IBConsole fork...
> The original comment was creating an IBX that would work with both FB
> and IB I believe.
> Helen said why not support IBAccess.
> How would "supporting" IBAccess address the FB/IB fork?

If we are going to have two ( or more ) camps, then there
are CURRENTLY a number of options. IBX, IBO and FIB form
part of that, and have a number of secondary projects that
uses one or the other to provide additional tools.

Returning to the Thread. The question of forking the
IBConsole code is being answered by saying that there are
some perfectly good alternatives, so do we need to bother?
Does anybody have the time to spend on it anyway?

It also highlights the question of the base interface. While
the IBConsole source is not 'up to date' ( or so I am lead
to believe ) the IBX source is ( again as I understand it ).

Those in the current IBX camp have an IBX compatible
replacement for IBConsole, so rather than re-inventing the
wheel, that is probably their best CURRENT option, since
Marathon is still fairly heavily IBO linked, and will
probably remain so. If IBAccess is to maintain compatibility
with Firebird, then someone is going to have to maintain
that compatibility in IBX - independent of any discussion on

As people probably know by now, I use IBO, the free IB_SQL
does everthing I need for management and once set up, it's
all I need as a tool at a customer site, so personally I see
little point in wasting any time any any other sidetrack.
Things are missing from it - some operations are 'strange' -
but the only thing I use IBConsole for - very ocasionally -
is backup/restore when I can't be bothered to work out the
command line I need. Customers get command line batch files,
so again no urgent need to either add it to IB_SQL or use
one of the alternaive interfaces. This is not a plug for it,
but Jason provides it free and it works with both IB and FB,
and Jason has stated that he currently inteneds to maintain
that compatibility - heck I use it to pump data from IB5 and
IB6 projects into FB with no problems - that is a
compatibility that SHOULD be mintained.

I'm keeping an eye on Marathon, but have no urgent need for
it, just as I have no need to spend time messing with IBX,
by which I mean re-assessing if I should switch back - that
will not happen. WHEN I can create some free time, it will
be spent on a Kylix version of IBO. That is the weak area
that I PERSONALLY see and would like to help solve. ( The
linux machine has been running since last year, but fixing
Microsoft related crap to pay the bills is a continual drain
<g> )

In the meantime trying to write reasoned replies to 'heated'
discussions is taking too much time, but I hope my two
pennies(cents) are worth it.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services