Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: New Name for IBConsole fork...
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:21 AM 14-04-02 +0000, Marco Menardi wrote:
>I would prefer having community support Marathon open source project instead.
>Don't waste efforts in 34 half working projects, please.
>Marathon could be "our" powerful tool, the Firebird programmer first choice.
>--- In IBDI@y..., Dominique Louis <Dominique@S...> wrote:
> > Hi all, due to the Jeff Overcash latest IBConsole sourcecode stand off.
> > I am proposing a fork of IBConsole that works specifically for FBSQL and
> > that will of course be free and works on Win32 and Linux.
> > So initially that will mean that it supports all of FBSQL syntax in the
> > highlighter :).

..Or , if you are determined to work with IBX, contribute your efforts to
Toni Martir's IBAccess project - see


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