Subject Re: New Name for IBConsole fork...
Author mmenaz
I would prefer having community support Marathon open source project instead.
Don't waste efforts in 34 half working projects, please.
Marathon could be "our" powerful tool, the Firebird programmer first choice.
Marco Menardi

--- In IBDI@y..., Dominique Louis <Dominique@S...> wrote:
> Hi all, due to the Jeff Overcash latest IBConsole sourcecode stand off.
> I am proposing a fork of IBConsole that works specifically for FBSQL and
> that will of course be free and works on Win32 and Linux.
> So initially that will mean that it supports all of FBSQL syntax in the
> highlighter :).
> To that end, we will need a new name for this forked version.
> The names proposed so far are...
> FBConsole - an obvious choice ( suggested by Claudio )
> DF_Manager - Not too sure what DF stand for ( suggested by Claudio )
> Chief SQL Officer - CSO for short ( suggested by me )
> Minion - for the control freaks amongst us ( suggested by me )
> Please send your suggested names to me, and the one that gets the most
> votes will be the winner.
> This new name and the appropriate changes will then be uploaded to
> FireBird's CVS for further development.
> Thanks,
> Dominique.
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