Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: About IBX and Firebird
Author Jason Wharton
> But apart from that, IBX ( or FBX if a FireBird specific version is
> maintained ) is a viable alternative to IBO.
> I hope this helps and motivates someone to take the lead in such a

I'll admit I am biased... I'd like to see the community rally around IBO as
the defacto suite of components for working with
Delphi/CPPB/etc./Firebird/Etc. I think it is for the greatest good of the

I fail to recognize why a "free beer" alternative should be rallied along
when IBO provides all the needs developers would want. It's got simple bare
bones components for the slim/trim apps and atop those all the functionality
one would want in more sophisticated modules for feature rich applications.

I have been at this diligently for about 6 years and was long the first to
have such components. I also have an extremely generous licensing policy
that financially will work for everyone regardless of economic conditions.
The only thing I ask is for people to consider with integrity sharing a
small portion of their revenues as they are able.

If you really like IBX and really want something special about it, then that
is a good reason to maintain a fork of it to work with Firebird. But, I
think it is a really harmful idea to do it just so there is an "alternative"
for the sake of having an alternative. The big lesson that is going to be
learned from the frenzy of open source development is that there is a lot of
wasted effort from lost synergy because things have been without a focus and
concentration point. The development of IBO is open to all, why go

The "free beer" mindset makes it VERY difficult for innovators like me who
also want to be able to afford a family life. Not only that, I have put a
significant sum of revenue towards helping with Firebird and would be happy
to do more. Some day I may actually be in a position to quit my day job and
focus full time on IBO/Firebird. I'd like that a lot but I have to be
realistic too!

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ