Subject Re: About IBX and Firebird
Author Dominique Louis
Hi Ricardo et al,

"Ricardo Muñoz V." <rmunoz@...> wrote:

> The big problems with IBX and Firebird are:
> - IBX is for IB, not for FB. Obviously, it support FB's compatible
> characteristics but...
> - There aren't plans to support FB.

Nothing against IBO, as I have never used it, but The IBX component source code is freely available from so
support for FireBird could be added easily.
Obviously the only major problem is that someone will need to maintain it.

But apart from that, IBX ( or FBX if a FireBird specific version is
maintained ) is a viable alternative to IBO.

I hope this helps and motivates someone to take the lead in such a project.

PS. In my best Alex Guinness voice, "Use the source, FBSQL!!!".


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