Subject About IBX and Firebird
Author AlfonsoRica├▒o
Hello all,
I've been using IBX since they were released with D5. Before i was
using FIB and BDE. But now, with Firebird, i'm doubting if continuing
using them (IBX) or not. My plans are to use only Firebird in all my
developments (i'm currently using IB 6.0.1 in some of them and Firebird
1.0 in other ones), so i want to know your point of view respect to
this issue. Could i continue using IBX in my next developments?
I've seen many ads regarding that IBO and FIBplus are better connection
components, but my applications use only a few thousand records, so i
don't think i need more power in connection software.

Well, i'll wait for your opinions.
Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Alfonso Rica´┐Żo

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