Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: IBConsole
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:40 PM 07-04-02 +0100, Artur Anjos wrote:

>About IBConsole: there was some 'political' problems with Firebird and

Were there? What were they?

AFAIK, the "problems" with the IBC code as released in July 2000 (which is
really all that is accessible to the public) were a) that it uses the
Services API which was then unfinished, not well tested and (then)
undocumented and b) that it was not good Delphi code. The Services API
hasn't changed since then.

Considering that Jeff Overcash took it over and decided to continue to work
on it, and considering the superior tools that were either already
available or coming on-stream, it was never considered worthwhile including
amongst Firebird "must-do" things. There was never any political decision
about it - the source code is there and if someone wants to work on it,
there is nothing to stop him/them.

Personally, as a Delphi programmer, I consider it's not worth spending time
on, so I haven't. Jeff thinks it's worthwhile and he's done some work on
it; and Krysz has done some (I think). Jeff has indicated his
unwillingness to make IBC compliant with bug-fixes that are in FB but not
in IB 6.x - that's his choice for his project - which is undeniably
InterBase-and-Borland-focused. There is no *political* reason why anyone
else can't pick up the source from the Firebird tree and work on it in a
separate project...there is no limitation that says you have to use Jeff's
(unavailable) source.

>And you know about politics: none of parts are right, none of the
>parts are wrong, but both parts became apart with no reason at all. And like
>good politicians they still apart. :) (That's my independent point of view,
>also political)

Artur--you??--independent??? :)


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