Subject Re: [IBDI] IBConsole
Author Rob Schuff
hi robert,

as someone who has used ibconsole, Marathon, ib_sql, and now ibexpert, i can
offer these comments:

1. An excellent free tool is Jason Wharton's ib_sql tool
2. IBExpert (199 euro, somewhat less USD) is an **excellent** tool. It has
**so** many time saving features that make it an absolute steal.
3. ibconsole is well...not the cream of the crop and IMHO not worth its
price. ;^)

There may be other out there that are better the IBE, but I can honestly say
that it saves you so much time that the price is really just about
irrelevant unless you are programming as a hobby...and even then its worth



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From: "Robert Munro" <rjmunro-yahoo@...>
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Sent: Friday, April 05, 2002 9:15 AM
Subject: [IBDI] IBConsole

> Are there any plans to fix IBConsole for Firebird 1? It was the only free
> tool I could find that acutually seemed to have a user interface that made
> sense, and always worked whenever I did something. True it didn't do much,
> but what it did do worked. Whenever I try using Marathon or IBAccess, it
> takes ages to figure out anything, and then it usually doesn't do the
> I want because it is working in the wrong dialect or something.
> I'm sure both the above products will improve, but as IBConsole worked
> Firebird 0.9.4, it shouldn't be that hard to patch it to work with 1.0.0.
> don't have delphi, otherwise I would try myself.
> Robert Munro
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