Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: IBConsole
Author Carlos Macao
Hi Dominique,

<<< I recently sent an email to the current maintainer for the Win32
version of IBConsole ( Mr. Overcash ), asking when the latest source
would be checked into SourceForge and he basically said when he gets
round to it. This source code would also include the Linux port as well. >>>

I think it is very clear now that Jeff Overcash has no intention to support
or implement any kind of compatibility code with FB project. We respect that
but we must have an alternative tool.

<<< IMHO, FBSQL definately needs a GUI style front-end to round out the
excellent product. Maybe a small team could grab the the older CVS code
and take it from there adding more specific FBSQL features or
alternatively they could pester Jeff Overcash some more to release the
latest source code to the CVS. >>>

That's where OpenSource gets in. There are two projects that deserves
respect right now: Marathon: and
IBAccess: From both IBAccess is
the only one, at present time, that works in Linux. In what concerns to
Marathon it reborned after Patrick O'Keeffe kindly offered it to OpenSource
community and right now there is a team working hardly to finish the next
release. We are open to accept more developers, documenters and Web
designers, only if they have a sourcecode patch or at least a specific
"vision" in mind what they want to do.

Carlos Macao