Subject Update on the state of the Firebird 1.0 release
Author Helen Borrie
The Firebird project was well into its release cycle for Firebird 1.0
(builds had been created and testing was underway), when Guido
Klapperich reported a major bug in the way that Dialect 3 handles
multiplication and division operations.
A bug that returned incorrect results from a query was significant
enough for us to hold off the release of Firebird 1.0 until the bug
could be fixed and re-tested. The fix for this bug has already been
submitted by Claudio and several project members have started
soak-testing it.
We have also noticed that our fix for the 2GB sort file problem,
although it works, is not as "engine friendly" as it should be. Mike
Grover (who reported the original problem) has submitted a fix,
which is now being reviewed.
Once this is done the cycle of building 1.0 and testing it will get
underway again. The primary Linux and Windows platforms are
likely to be released in the next couple of weeks or so, assuming
we don't find any other major showstoppers. Other platforms will
A significant outstanding issue is to build thread-safe gdslib (client
library) on Linux. It is not considered to be a show stopper. A fixed
version may or may not make it into 1.0.

the Firebird Team

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