Subject Re: [IBDI] The sore state of our lists
Just to add to the list
848 members, 245 msgs in 2000, 2200+(did not add up) msg in
2001, 600 msgs in 2002.

Report generator - Not just IB/FB, but FB and IBO support
quite active

> As you can see, different people start ideas alike but abandon them
> afterwards. And regarding that "FB Front End Tool", maybe it would be better
> to cooperate with an effort already running like IBAccess than to start
> another tool from scratch.

I tend to agree, but the problem seems to be that there are
several 'camps' and we are not pooling our resources. IB_SQL
from IBO now has most of the bits I was using Marathon for,
but I still think there is a fundamental discussion point in
the area of ALIASES - sort off - where we need some common
ground on identifying what is available on a machine once we
have identified that Firebird is running. I use the term
ALIASES but what I have been doing is creating a 'system'
database where I can check what other data should be
available. It's a quick way of identifying version numbers
of data out in the field, but this would seem to be a target
area for any front end system or management tool - an
extension to isc4.gdb or a replacement <g>

Do we actually have a central repository of data, it seems
rather spread at the moment. That is not a problem, but the
cross links seem rather random.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services