Subject Re: [IBDI] gMARATHON was Re: The sore state of our lists
Author John Anderson (Main)

I contacted Tilo myself regarding GMarathon. As far as I can see the project
is just starting to come to life. I have made a few fixes over last past
couple of days, and he has added me to the developers list so that I can
commit them.

I think Firebird needs a good open source (or just free) tool bundled with
is that beginners can use to create and administer databases. Firebird is a
great product, I use it all the time, but I worry about newbies downloading
it, installing it, then hitting a brick wall because there are no 'nice'
graphical tools to work with.

It would be good to have something like GMarathon bundled with Firebird, (or
in a separate client tools package, but available from the same downloads
area) that makes it as easy as possible for people to get started, without
having to hunt around for 30 trials, etc, from separate sites.

By the way, Patrick O'Keefe is the original developer of Marathon. It is a
testimony to his skill that products like IB Expert and EMS Quickdesk, etc
'borrowed' so heavily from his design. I don't think he has much to do with
the open source project, but I could be wrong.


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Subject: [IBDI] gMARATHON was Re: The sore state of our lists

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> > At 09:48 AM 19-02-02 +0000, Marco Menardi wrote:
> >
> > >There is Marathon that is based upon IBO and it's open source! Seems it
has been abandoned (I've written to the mantainer to join the developement,
but no reply at all).
> >
> > Did you write to Tilo Muetze? It's doubtful that he would have ignored
your message.
> I don't remember, since happened 1-2 months ago. I think that I took the
first name on the sourceforge manteiner list, that is
> "pokeeffe" Real Name: Patrick O'Keeffe.
> I've also seen that the code is stopped at June 4, 2001, so I thounght it
was abandoned...
> [cut]
> >
> > ...Jason has already provided free IBO licensing to the person referred
to above, for this project. I'm interested in getting involved myself, as
well. It would be a good project for IBO users to get behind...
> Totally agree!
> >
> > It is not a question of "taking control of it". Tilo Muetze is the
active Admin of gMarathon. You can catch up on the latest at .
> Good! I've the maximun respect of other's people work, my suggestion was
due to the belive that such a good pruduct was abandoned :)
> I've visited the above link, that's great! I will sure join the project :)
> >
> > I'm sure Tilo would be overjoyed to hear from a bunch of IBO
practitioners. :))
> :)))
> Thanks Helen
> Marco Menardi
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