Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: Just a marketing suggestion for FB1.0 CD
Author Artur Anjos

Tank is a ROBUST military engine. (Read the posts, you will have the all
story - including the military use of IB inside a US tank).

But, resuming:

What we need it's a combination of a Tank (Robust) with a Sports Car (Fast).
That's the way to show that FireBird is Fast and Robust. Someone once post
something like 'MySQL is a jeep, FireBird is a tank. Sometimes you need a
jeep, sometimes you need a tank'. Sean replies that he things about FireBird
like a combination of the Jeep with the tank, but faster: the sports car.
This was just a draft. But it will be nice to have something to start. Put
the FireBird driving it: there are times that even the birds choose better
ways to fly.

I think that the all idea it's to get something funny, like a toy, to play
around. Something that the kids love. (I have 3 kids, so I will be one of
the besta testers.)

"Open for All and All for Marketing Firebird"

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> > This time only I have made an exception to the system and make you jump
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> Apologises! I've jumped to the last page of the list and I did noticed
related topics.
> > What we need is a draft for the 'sports tank', that could became a 'toy'
> > that we can use to help marketing FireBird. It will be a start.
> ..
> >
> > Maybe your friend can do a draft of that Sports Tank for us?
> I will ask him tomorrow. My english is far from perfect, but TANK is a
military engine, that recalls was, destruction, death... is really a good
> Ok, I'm starting a new flame ;)
> regards
> Marco Menardi