Compiled by: Ivo A. Benda.
1) THE NEW REVELATION OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, Peter D. F., 1992, 779 original pages, complex version of The Lord Jesus Christ about TODAY'S SITUATION EARTHLY HUMANKIND including history and ways solving in 30 chapters. Received in 1988. KEY MATERIAL ! ! !
2) FUNDAMENTALS OF HUMAN SPIRITUALITY, Peter D. F., 1982, 262 pages, expose human spirituality in relation to Creation. Covered in 1982.
3) WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU HERE ?, Peter D. F., 1984, 256 pages, position earthly man in Creation. Processed in 1984.
4) MESSAGES FROM WITHIN, Peter D. F., 1982, 278 pages, further information extension of The New Revelation.
5) FOUR CONCEPTS OF THE SPIRITUAL STRUCTURE OF CREATION, Peter D. F., 1983, 119 pages, further flaring information of The New Revelation.
6) MAJOR IDEAS OF THE NEW REVELATION, Peter D. F., 1985, 266 pages, next information extension of The New Revelation.
7) COROLLARIES TO THE NEW REVELATION OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST , Peter D. F., 1997, 352 pages. Received in 1992-4. Last completive information to The New Revelation. Indicate read as far as up triple read through previous books.

Pictures and diagram wasn't in original books, was processed by Ivo A. Bendou on account of better illustration one chain of events (no however of all, it unfortunately that way isn't possible).
Books ”The New Revelation” are concerning lifely everyone on the planet Earth, because everyone has a suite - material body – fabricated by pseudocreators ! ! ! Understanding this fact gives a possibility in solving everyone`s problem on the planet Earth.
Please, extend these information with love in heart to all directions, don't worry of nothing, primarily to school – teachers, officials and scientists and everyone who are interested in, remember on ours dear journalist and politicians, which we are loving so much. Will it be done with the help of many people and big scrape for pseudocreators.