Subject Re: [IBDI] Confusing, I know...
Author Paul Schmidt
On 14 Feb 2002, at 17:43, Helen Borrie wrote:

> Dear people,
> It's confusing, I know...if you post to the firebird lists you have to
> hit Reply-All in order to get your response to go to the list instead
> of the poster...
> On the Yahoogroups lists, if you hit Reply-All you send either two or
> four copies of your reply to everyone on the list.
> Could you just eyeball the "To" and "CC" fields on your outward emails
> and, if necessary, edit them, before you hit the Send button?

Or use a smarter mail reader, I use Pegasus and it allows you to
use the From address to reply to, the Reply-to address (which in
this case is or both (there are also some
other options). Personally I don't like getting one copy to the list,
and another personally (they end up in the same place, so it
appears as a duplicate message).

Paul Schmidt
Tricat Technologies