Subject Re: [IBDI] Confusing, I know...
> It's confusing, I know...if you post to the firebird lists you have to hit Reply-All in order to get your response to go to the list instead of the poster...

Same on most Linux list - you <Reply-All> and THEN remove
the ones you don't want, such as the poster.

> On the Yahoogroups lists, if you hit Reply-All you send either two or four copies of your reply to everyone on the list.
> Could you just eyeball the "To" and "CC" fields on your outward emails and, if necessary, edit them, before you hit the Send button?

I am getting in the habbit, but my usual problem is only
posting to the original sender in the non-yahoo lists.

There was a heated debate on the SUSE list about this. The
concensus seemed to be that <Reply> was prefered, but the
moderator rules <g> and so they will not be changed.
Personally I think if there is a list posting, it's reply to
address should be the list - the argument that you might
then send private mail to the list by mistake seems a bit
lame. A list post SHOULD get a list reply.

I think yahoo has it right - which makes a change <g>

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services