Subject RE: [IBDI] RE: OT: Sports tank (was: comments re: attracting users to Firebird)
Author Leyne, Sean
> I didn't follow the whole discussion, so excuse my silly question:
> What is a "Sports tank"?

The discussion (in IB-Support) originally was about attracting new users
to Firebird.

In one of the messages Artur Anjos noted:

"Someone recently say 'MySQL is a Jeep, Firebird is a Tank. Sometimes
you need a Jeep, sometimes you need a tank.'"

To which I replied:

"I like to think that with the new FB 2.0 code base we will be able to
mold a tank with a super-charged engine, a 'sports tank'"

The discussion 'degenerated' from there, and then Helen (the moderator)
moved the discussion here -- since the topic was well off the mark for
the support list.