Subject RE: OT: Sports tank (was: comments re: attracting users to Firebird)
Author Achim Kalwa
> The install directory itself is not a problem, although some older FB
> installs have used the existing IB directory.


> The larger problem is with the Registry keys and environment variables,
> changing those for v1.0 would have broken some tools/applications.

In some parts of my app I need to get access to gbak.exe or other tools.
Since there is no environment variable "INTERBASE" set during installation,
I use the registry to locate those binary files:


I've noticed that RC2 still creates this registry entry, as well as a new


I think for V1.0 this should be keept to keep existing apps working. Since
Interbase and Firebird could not co-exist on the same machine, it would be
no problem to use the Borland-Registry key.

Just my 0.02 ?

I didn't follow the whole discussion, so excuse my silly question:
What is a "Sports tank"?