Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: [ib-support] Re: OT: Sports tank (was: comments re: attracting users to Firebird)
Author Artur Anjos
Uf... Finnaly in this list!

Some comments:

> if we are going to "market" a free product, it needs a
> decent and fully functional free ODBC driver.
Yes, a free ODBC driver it's good (some people like to use access for some
data processment, for example). But I think this subject should not be a
point out to marketing FB. We have some good commercial products, and our
main subject it's to have a good RBDMS for now. (A lot of people using
Firebird now is using IBO or FIBPlus for access, and they are not free.)
Also, if we promote Firebird, there will be more people to join us and maybe
someone will develop this.

> Second, we need a good, basic front end tool
I agree with you - IBConsole must have a (good) replacement. (Can we use
IBConsole until there, or IBConsole is not on the
one-day-open-source-not-so-open-this-days agreement from Borland? )
But this tool - in my modest opinion - does not need to be a open source
tool, just a free tool. Maybe we can use for immediate results a free tool
(there are lots of them - maybe we can put them all on the CD?)

> Third we need our own identity
Yes! I think this is an easy task to complete.

> Fourth Marketing, and that's really what Sports Tank is all about,
> what I would like to see, is a promotions kit, including the software
> on CD, the stuffed toy, and maybe a brochure or some other
> marketing junk. A developer wanting to use Firebird could then
> order a few copies and either give one to the superior/client who
> says "Give me MS-SQL Server or give me death". Note the kit has
> to be cheap enough that you can give it away ( anything over
> US$30, is probably too expensive).
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh YES !

> The CD would include binaries of all existing ports, the CVS tree,
> any libraries or other stuff needed (like Glibc 2.2 for Linux) and all
> of the documentation files. To cover the costs, companies involved
> in producting FB centric products, could pay a small fee to include
> a demo of their product on the CD, plus include their own
> promotional materials (1 page per product).
Yes, yes, yes! (Some other marketing material will be good: like a
wall-poster to be use in our offices)

Just my 0,0002 cents