Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: [ib-support] Re: OT: Sports tank (was: comments re: attracting users to Firebird)
Author Paul Reeves
Paul Schmidt wrote:
> Third we need our own identity, an installation on Windows should
> go into "Program Files\Firebird" by default, and not "Program
> Files\Borland\Interbase" Just as on Linux it should go into

That's a great idea - how confident are you that it won't break the
assumptions of lots of existing applications? We want moving to Firebird from
InterBase to be an easy, pain free decision. This is more important for most
users than making political statement about the database they use.

FB1.0 is not going to muck around with this, much as the Firebird project
would like to fully establish its independance from Borland/InterBase.
Releases after FB1.0 will start to test the water with changed default install
locations, names of executables etc.



Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further