Subject comments re: attracting users to interbase
Author Rob Schuff

As a long-time passiopnate devotee of Interbase and now Firebird, I am
perplexed by its lack of recognition in the open source community. I
colleague of mine who is maybe best described as a rabid open source
advocate and a postgres user, looked at Firebird the other day. We spoke
about his perceptions of Interbase and about my puzzlement in its lack of
recognition. He asked the question "Why should I use Firebird?" as a device
to make the point that he was unable to find anywhere, an argument for why a
postgres user should switch to firebird or why a MySQL user should swicth to

So I guess my comment/question is, it seems there needs to be a prominently
displayed link to at least a feature-by-feature comparison of the three. A
white paper I suppose...i.e. some strong marketing. Is there such a thing
planned, in existence, etc? I certainly do not possess the expertise or
experience to do such a thing otherwise I would do it.