Subject Re: [IBDI] Interbase Revenue
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 01:38 PM 10/18/2002 -0400, Ed Malloy wrote:
>I think that it is more likely that this marks the period when borland was
>not charging for interbase. I don't think you can infer any firebird impact.

I agree with you that Firebird probably doesn't count for
very much in Borland's decisions about how to structure their
financial report. However, there was never a time when
Borland was NOT selling InterBase. They went from V5.6 to
"V6 Certified Edition" and never offered free binaries.
I was there and have the scars to prove it. When, during
the closing session of BorCon 2000, Dale Fuller announced
that the 5000 CD's we'd made (I was acting development manager
at the time) would not be released, it took two strong men
to keep me from assaulting him physically - and I knew he
had an armed body guard.


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