Subject Re: [IBDI] Schema Verdict
Author Jason Chapman (JAC2)
mmm, I think this should be in the support group and also I guess if your
getting paid for it, whoever is going to QA it for you might also want to
get paid for it as well.

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"Nigel Weeks" <nweeks@...> wrote in message
> I'm planning on building a rather large database to cater for a few parts
suppliers in my area, running solely on Firebird.
> I've tested it with reasonably big recordsets(13 million rows), but
nothing this big.
> It could be handling multiple millions of parts, from wrecking yards and
car bodies, to washing machines and pump seals.
> Is there anyone on this list I could email the schema to, have a browse,
and give any feedback to me?
> Main issues
> Speed(this must really fly)
> Normalisation(is this the 'most right' way of doing it)
> The code is fairly well commented.
> Anyone willing?
> Nigel
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