Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: IBDI resignation
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:55 AM 02-01-02 +0000, Alexander V.Nevsky wrote:

> Jason, great thanks to you, Helen, Dalton and
>> to all those who sacrificed much...

Many, many people sacrificed much in those days when the IBDI was the only thing between InterBase 6 and extinction. We had several hundred people and, without their passion, hope and dedication, it can most certainly be said that today there would be NO InterBase 6 and no Firebird.

We should all be proud of what we did. We've arrived at a place we never visualised back then when IBDI began. Firebird is a miraculous outcome. Even the fact that there is again a commercial InterBase is a positive outcome from all that energy. Of course we would prefer a fully cohesive effort among *all* of the participants in "the database for the new millennium" but history is history and now is now.

IBDI has achieved its aim. The new bird is hatched and flying on its own. The IBDI ("InterBase Developer Initiative") is done and complete.

> So where will be place for discussions like "Names of our
>lists/newsgroups"? I think there always be some non-technical
>questions around Firebird and Interbase coexistence.

I, too, like the idea of maintaining a general forum where we can bring non-support issues, have a bit of fun sometimes, launch some threads that might move into "priorities" or "architect" if they get especially interesting, announce new plug-in products, even "vent" a bit on occasion...and keep a door open for the folk at Scotts Valley who used to be our colleagues, right in there with us...

So, if you like (or hate) the idea, let's roll around the idea of a new, open discussion list...think of a name for it...


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