Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: [Firebird-admin] Firebird install for Win32 executable name
Author Nando Dessena

> I think in each case looking at the Version Info would have solved the
> problem. A tool such as SysInfo or a similar function available from the
> Norton Utilities which documents all system DLLs is really what you need.
> After all, even if the "Setup_ProductXYZ_Version123.exe" file says it is
> version 1.23 it still is not guaranteed to be unless you look inside what
> it actually installed. I remain unconvinced that using Version Info data
> does not solve any ISO9002 problem.

furthermore, trying to convince the whole world to change habits because
of not having a structure of download subfolders is pointless.

WRT the ISO9002 requirements, working for an ISO9K company, I don't
really think they are part of the picture.

We should WANT each version of a software be compatible with the previos
version, if so it is advertised, not silently accept that it won't work.

As I said before, I could live with the setup files named every way
Lester and others want it, but versioning the name of the gds32.dll file
without a symlink machinery in place like that of Linux would be a
*royal pain* for static linking, and I guess everyone can appreciate it
without further explaination.
That sums up to 0.04€ :-)