Subject Re: [Firebird-admin] Firebird install for Win32 executable name
Author Doug Chamberlin
At 7/16/2001 01:34 PM (Monday), Lester Caine wrote:
>The problem is that the file we are downloading is not in a folder, and in
>cases there is no indication as to the version number you are about to
>The international standards dictated by ISO9002 require that one be able to
>'recreate the design environment that a particular problem was identified in'.

I'm confused (probably by not having had to conform to ISO9002 standards).
In what way is using the Version Info resources on a setup.exe not
acceptable for determining what exe you are dealing with?

I thought the ISO standards were pretty fair about defining only the
functional nature of a requirement and allowing you some flexibility in how
you meet that requirement. The real sticking points are often whether you
have that process well documented and whether you follow it in your
business practices.