Subject Re: [Firebird-admin] RE: [IBDI] Firebird install for Win32 executable name
Author Lester Caine
> > With the version number in the title PLEASE.
> Are you referring to the install/uninstall description? Or are you
> saying that it should be in the installation exe name itself?

It should always be in the exe name, that way we know when we have a new
version, I have been renaming the file as a matter of cause once I have
checked it is the correct one. With links from other locations it is all to
easy to get the wrong version which happens regularly with Microsoft updates
where I have some ten versions of some things, newer versions don't work with
some programs, so one has to go back, and if you are not careful, the old
version has already been destroyed. This may not be such a problem with
Firebird, but until a new version has been verified, the old version should
always be easily accessable.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services