Subject Re: [IBDI] Special kind of triggers?
Author Lester Caine

> I know the facts you're talking about. My message was mostly about problems
> you may have with events notification on some platforms and under the
> circumstances. But can you (or anybody else) give me a good explanation why
> in my real-world example just two concrete events posted from exactly two
> concrete stored procedures were always transferred slow and all others -
> always fast? This is the reason why I was thinking about a possibility of
> something working not very good in the engine/client in the case of Win9x
> clients. Just assuming...

NT never has a problem with TCP/IP ( IMHO ) while Win98 has the same problems
with the same event, depending on the previous messages it was processing. While
looking at Interbase may provide some answers, the fact that NT is ALWAYS ok
says that the source is not the problem. I actually log the responce times of my
own messages, and a single 'ping' should take 10-100mS but can take up to 2
seconds, and all 98 clients 'go slow' at the same time. Repeating the same
update gives different responce times but the same Interbase results, it all
seems to depend on what Windows has decided to do in the meantime, and I have
stripped everthing else that I can. That is why I say that you are seeing the
same problem as me - Microsoft! and the only fix is to replace Win98 or as in
our case, design to get round the delays.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services