Subject RE: [IBDI] Special kind of triggers?
Author Josipovic, Nick
When you log your changes to a database-internal table, you will have full
transaction control over them, and so in case of a rollback, the entries are
also deleted.
IMHO, it would be much faster to run a batch through this log-table to save
the data externally (and delete the logs after this) than load the server
with keeping data in external tables (supposing you want to do that kind of
See the IBLogmanager from Thomas Steinmaurer (
in how you can log your stuff and pull instead of push it into external

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> Subject: [IBDI] Special kind of triggers?
> Hi, All. Can somebody from FB team answer is it possible to have in
> FB ability to create special kind of triggers that fires on commit
> only? I think about logging of changes outside of .gdb
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