Subject Re: MDBMS feature set (was IBConsole)
Author John Culleton
Krzysztof Golko wrote:

> disadvatage for someone using Classic, but for
> SuperServer users?

I use classic. So I guess IBConsole is a non-starter
for me.

> IBConsole is currently the only tool available for
> Linux, sometimes it's not possible, impractical or
> inconvenient to use Windows, or if someone doesn't
> want to use Win for whatever reason, he's FREE to do
> so

I don't want to constantly reboot back and forth.
I do boot Windoze on occasion to get at OCR software etc.
But for good and sufficient reasons I mostly live in

BTW There is another Linux tool or at least toolset using
Karwin's IBPerl in combination with cgi-pm.
This however gets one into pretty heavy coding.
It is less troublesome than using the C language
API however.

Another SQL-aware free database has a rather simple
cgi-bin program that transports data between the DBMS
and a conventional HTML screen. The DBMS is MDBMS by
Mary Bochane. This is more of a hobby project than an
industrial-strength DBMS but it has an interesting
feature set, is easy to install and apparently does
not have the glaring security holes that Interbase
struggles with. System tables belong to the System database
and you can't open that database unless you are the user
called System. Period, end of report.

Visit for a peek at Marty's MDBMS. He has
gone on to to other more interesting and presumably more
lucrative pursuits but he still answers mail.

In the development of Interbase the powers that be might
want to look at those two MDBMS concepts: a simple
cgi-bin interface and the separation of all system tables
into their own database.

John Culleton