Subject RE: [IBDI] Firebird 1
Author Paulo Gaspar
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> Joining several pages?
> Or did you think about joining several tables?

Ops! My bad!
Several tables is the correct way.

> The server is able to keep a consistent view of the data if you manipulate
> the transaction isolation level and don't close the transaction. For that
> transaction, the so called db_key will be stable. Even the impaired MS-ASP
> can cope with transactions.

Problems with such an approach:
- Hundreds of users...
- ...that do not say when they go away...
- ...and are used to live data (versus snapshots).

Managing a lot of connections in such way costs too much for the profits.

> It seems that most of this thread is about making a C/S server acting as a
> file server or a desktop db. In this case, it seems very
> reasonable to use a
> RDBMS able to fully emulate a desktop db (Oracle???) or to use Paradox and
> the like. Paradox won't scale with a lot of requirements, but
> that's another
> tale. Personally, I don't have any desire to spoil the engine just to
> satisfy a particular approach, until a decent technical solution
> exists and
> is found. There are enough companies offering middleware.
> C.

- It is not a midleware issue;
- Why would the server be acting as a Desktop DB?
- How would such functionality spoil the engine? It works after most of the
processing when the result set is being generated (or even after, when it
is being returned);
- Such range limiting functionality is quite simple;
- It is not a "particular approach". It is not just me.

I hope you have already understood the problem from other postings in the
mean time - the more recent ones make it clearer.

Have fun,
Paulo Gaspar

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> > In general, how does that help if the data being fetched is the
> > result of a
> > "select" joining several pages?
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