Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: Internet
Author Peter Morris
> Hi, Peter. If it's your current need (not architecture discussion),
> you can find hacks in this thread to prevent all troubles from users
> of another databases if you know their usernames on IB server. Even
> hack to prevent SYSDBA access exists, if you interested it can be
> discussed.

This is not a current requirement.
I am going to convert

over onto a linux host. So far I have not decided what I will write it in
(Kylix looked like a good option until I read the details of HOW to write
scripts for Apache, and then I decided not to bother). I had hoped to use a
free version (Firebird) of my favourite DB (Interbase), but this doesn't
look like a good idea. Looks like it will have to be MySQL.

Although, if I had a full list of instructions of what to do to make my DB
secure then I probably would use it after all (providing I can find a
BlobAsPChar UDF for Linux IB)