Subject Re: [IBDI] Internet
Author Dalton Calford
This has been a long known issue.

Add triggers to all your system tables for update, insert or delete in the
'before' position. Check to see if the user is allowed to do the said
action, and if not, raise a user defined error.

This prevents a user from modifying metadata.
Once I get a current CVS copy that will compile, I will play around with
getting this sort of structure into our default databases.

best regards


On Tuesday 05 June 2001 13:00, you wrote:
> >1) Log in as sysdba
> >2) Create a database + table
> >3) Create a user "pete_m" with no permissions to any databases
> >4) Log in as pete_m
> >5) Extracted the meta data for the new database without problems
> >6) Added a new table to the database without problems
> >
> >I've just done exactly the same thing on a 5.6 test database here.
> >This is NOT a Good Thing(TM).
> I am glad someone agrees with me :-)
> Pete
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