Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: Internet
Author John Culleton
alex_vnru@... wrote:

> --- In IBDI@y..., John Culleton <service@w...> wrote:
>> AFAIK only the SYSDBA and the table owner can extract the
>> metadata. Read the references to permissions and security in the
>> Interbase docs if you have them.
> Hi, John. Not so fine. Try to connect to your database as any user
> registered on server (in ISC4.GDB) but having not any rights within
> your database and make
> Select * from rdb$relations
> or any other select from system tables.
> Best regards.
As a further suggestion: modify the example program apifull.c
to give an error when the table name contains a $ and make the modified
program the means of access for the end user. Do not give end user
access to isql. Apifull allows SQL statements but does not include
features like "SHOW TABLE".