Subject Re: [IBDI] IBConsole
Author John Culleton
Paul Reeves wrote:

> John Culleton wrote:
>> 2. How does one go about getting it? CodeCentral at Borland refuses my
>> connection
> Have you got cookies disabled? Enabling them goes a long way to limiting the
> cursing involved when accessing those pages - although forgetting to disable
> them again draws one or two curses from me.
> It also helps to use an excessively easy to remember password, to write it down
> and leave it on a post-it note and to make a note of the email address you used.
> I have tales to tell of my struggles with Borland's idea of community, but they
> are not for polite company.
> Paul
Thanks. After receipt of the above I created an account, activated it
when I received the email,checked my cookies, made sure that cookies
were enabled for all sites, and tried several times to access
CodeCentral. Although the Borland Web Server had greeted me by name,
when I click on CodeCentral I either get a timeout or a "connection
refused" message from Netscape.

Sorry to bore you all with my tale of woe but it leads up to this
request: since I have jumped through all the necessary hoops, bared my
soul and my street address to Borland etc. to no avail could someone
kindly bundle up the free IBConsole for Linux product and send it to me?

I would be ever so grateful.

John Culleton