Subject Re: [IBDI] IBConsole
Author Krzysztof Golko
> 1. Is this a generalized data manipulation tool? Can
> I update data in a database using IBConsole?
It's rather a database management tool, but you can
update data using it. IBConsole is more or less
includes Interactive SQL Window, Object Browser
(that's where you can edit your data) and number of
screen to provide access to what's available through
Services API
Some functinality of the Win version is missing, like
Help, so it would be handy to play with Win version
first (I anybody knows about light-weight help system
for CLX, please let me know). None version can
interactively modify metadata (only through SQL). but
this is the next priority.

> 2. How does one go about getting it? CodeCentral at
> Borland refuses my connection and SourceForge has >
only minimal information at this point.

Code Central is temporarily(?) down, I wander what is
it powered by :).

This is not a full release yet, when it is I belive it
will be easier available, currently you can only get
it from Code Central


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